Good Year

It hasn’t always been an easy year but I’m going on my fifth commercial shoot this year, a personal best. A spot for Walmart Family Mobile just came out and it was a pleasure “working”, that is, sitting by a pool in the sun all day, getting splashed by water, running off to the side to have a few people reaching into my swimsuit to dry it and my breasts in between takes.

Over the years, I have been wonderfully discouraged, bullied, bailed on, etc., from pursuing acting. When I was a little kid and watched SNL or Monty Python, I thought, “That’s what I want to do, I want to be on TV.”

Meanwhile, some of those mean people have disappeared, lost the sense of purpose for the craft they seemed so self-righteously dedicated to, or stayed at the same level feeling that to do anything bigger is somehow a cop out. Maybe they were afraid of being a tiny fish in a big pond because they already felt small enough as it was.

Anyway, I never thought I’d do commercials and now, I love it. I love the auditions more than theatrical because theatrical was a lot more pressure. You have to impress the CD, the director, the producer(s) and I’ve had some pretty mean experiences. A couple of CDs ripped on my headshot/resume while others said they were great. One CD at a major network kept yelling at me without even watching my performance but stopped once her assistant insisted she watch through the camera. By that point, I hated her guts forever.

It has been a great learning experience, a pursuit which led me from the Midwest to the East coast then West all by myself. I’m thankful for the wonderful people I’ve met and for my agent who has supported me since 2012.

More goodness on the way.


I love Stockholm and have been going there to visit my significant other. We didn’t go to Skansen this time around but we had Viking and Medieval dinners, went swimming, had a fancy dinner, ate a lot, engaged in much fika, ate some more, etc. etc.

People are generally nice and a little shy, it’s clean there, the water is good. I like the variation in weather, being surrounded by nature, architecture and the feel of Gamla Stan. I love the dim lighting, cobble stone streets, being surrounded by sturdy buildings, history. I love thinking about all the people who have touched the same rocks at the water and how hard life must have been for them, how precious summers must have felt. I love the surprise from water splashing me out of nowhere. I love efficient cities.

My goal is to work overseas, broaden my horizon and put myself out there for as much opportunity as possible.

From Michigan to Chicago, New York to Los Angeles and now travels, it has been a long, not easy but unique trip.

A favorite thing to do is be on the rocks next to the sea, to forget everything and sink into nature.

I want to forget myself. :)

Gamla Stan’s most narrow walkway.

Gamla Stan’s most narrow walkway.

He was so stoked on flicking off a customer.

He was so stoked on flicking off a customer.