I paid a photographer I've known for a long time agreed upon money. Before the shoot, he wanted the money through the Cash app but his account wasn't working so over and over I had to resubmit it and ultimately, I had to pay him through his girlfriend's account and a space-mate's account ($150 deposit, $150 balance). It was kind of annoying. He made it seemed like he really needed the money.

The day of the shoot, the hair/make-up gal didn't have a brush, comb, hair dryer or curling iron. I ended up doing my hair myself.

Post shoot, I received a bunch of over-processed photos where there was a strange effect on my hair, almost liquid. It seemed as if the same effects were applied to all the photos via Lightroom.

There was never any communication on his end of when the photos would be sent in, if he had a limit on retouches, nothing. I'm totally open to negotiation, anything. I understand people's time and energy. Just fucking communicate. But no.

On a Monday a week past the shoot, he said he was going to work on the photos. On Wednesday, he said he was going to work on them again. The next week, he said he sent the photos and raw images the past Monday. I never received anything. He stopped returning texts, responding to emails of which, were not frequent on my end.

I offered that all he had to do was communicate if there was an issue. I'm far from impossible to deal with but disrespect is disrespect. This is someone I've talked highly of over the years. I don't even need an apology. Just get the fucking work done or tell me what your limit is on doing it. Give me the best one or two photos. Great. Fine. I don't care. I'll retouch them myself, which I offered to do if he was too busy. I would have even shown them to him to say, "If you like the work I did, I'm fine to give you credit."

Even if he submitted the work with an honest explanation, great, water under the bridge.

Someone recently asked me if I'm cool working with other people. I would love to say yes. But no, not really. Ultimately, I don't trust anybody.

I've learned I have to do everything myself. It's time consuming when I have to learn new processes or whatever but ultimately, it's a gift because then I can do whatever I want whenever I want, not depend on anybody.

Update: 7/20/17

A friend of his contacted me to let me know he was in the process of moving and that's why he wasn't in touch. Still, it didn't make any sense to me that someone could find time to update their IG account, remove their website but not send me some simple communication. It was clear what the priorities were.

Last night, I found an affordable studio to rent out and will be doing my own headshots tonight since I know the set up and the equipment I need. I don't have any anger, just disappointment. His friend offered to try to work something out but it's okay. There's a silver lining in that this situation pushed me to find a stronger resource for shoots. I can do better work for myself and for others.